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Knnex Health transforms high-cost care to high quality value-based care. By shifting the site-of-service for orthopedic surgery to a Knnex Health network provider, payors can count on superior surgical outcomes and high patient satisfaction. Our risk guaranteed bundled payment model delivers stable and predictable costs. 

Transformational Benefits


Our quality commitment  is unparalleled. Knnex providers undergo a stringent selection and Quality Certification Process. Providers also participate in outcome monitoring and recertify every 18 months.


Using care processes designed with the patient in mind, we reduce costs and ensure excellent outcomes. Our bundle structure and Surgical Guarantee minimize unexpected costs to both payors and providers. 

Surgical Guarantee

The Knnex Quality Certification Process allows us to include a Surgical Guarantee covering most costs associated with unexpected adverse events. Payors can trust that patients are receiving the best quality care.

Provider Network

Our interactive map is updated frequently and makes it easy to identify Knnex Provider locations across the country.

Surgical Guarantee

Providers can risk-protect prospective bundle arrangements where medical costs are assumed for a period of time post surgery.

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