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Knnex Health is revolutionizing the way that orthopedic surgical care is delivered. Our team of highly-trained surgeons and medical professionals use the latest technology and surgical techniques to ensure the best outcomes for patients. Through our innovative partnerships, we are able to grow surgical volumes, streamline payments, and risk-protect our surgical bundles against loss.

Knnex Provider Advantages

Grow Surgical Volume

Large payor groups benefit by steering patients to our network in order to access the highest quality of care and reduce costs. Many use incentives and mandates to move patients to our provider network. 

Streamlined Payment

We simplify direct to provider contracting. With our unique bundle structures, providers have the freedom to practice with less administrative burden and benefit from accurate and prompt payments.

Risk Protected Bundle

Our highly trained and experienced providers participate in the  Knnex Quality Certification Process. This allows us   to include a Surgical Guarantee protecting providers from losses related to unexpected adverse events.

Provider Network

To learn more about Knnex Health and our network of care, complete and submit our contact form. 

Surgical Guarantee

Knnex enables providers to confidently and strategically manage risk in their bundled payment arrangements.

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